Criminal Law Solicitors

Welcome to the Criminal Law Solicitors website. We specialise in all areas of Criminal Law and can assist you at a Police Station or at Court 24/7 and at short notice.

Our dedicated Crime Team is made up trained solicitors, administrative staff and a fully qualified Barrister who can represent you at the Police Station, Magistrates Court, Crown Court or Appeal Court depending on your requirements.

We are a GENUINE law firm with over 30 years of experience.

Please contact us for an intial free, no obligation chat about your criminal law matter online.

Wherever you are, whatever your difficulty we are here to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We have actual offices in Corby and Kettering, Northamptonshire but can attend Court and Police Stations wherever you need us.

If you get into trouble with the Police and are interviewed and/or arrested you are entitled to FREE legal advice so make sure you take advantage of that and give one of our experienced team a call on 0800 3 10 11 12 so we can be on hand to ensure that things are handled in the best possible way and achieve the best outcome for you.


We deal with motoring offences such as drink driving, whilst disqualified, driving without insurance and more.


Our solicitors have a proven track record of success and offer a professional service


Your problem is our problem and we deal with it efficiently and fight for the best result for you.

What We Can Do For You

Our criminal law solicitors can help you with the following matters

  • Attend the Police station and represent you in interview
  • Make representations to the Police about bail
  • Apply for Legal Aid on your behalf (if you are eligible)
  • Represent you at Court
  • Advise you on the strength of the case against you
  • Advise you on the chances of success of any defence

  • Advise you of the law surrounding your offence
  • Advise you of the likely consequences if you plead guilty or are convicted after trial
  • Advise on Appeal against Conviction or Sentence
  • General Advice about the procedure, pleas, adjournments, sentence and ancillary applications.


Legal Aid

Find out if you are eligible to receive Legal Aid.


Information on sentencing for crimes and tariffs.


Are you currently on Bail pending an investigation? Click here.


Do you need representing at court? Find out more information here.

Criminal Records

See how long crimes stay on your criminal record for.

Police Powers

Police behaviour is governed by law and a code of practice.

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